‘Arkham Ass-ylum’: New Orleans Nerdlesque with voluptuous vixens and Voltaire

Xena Zeit-Geist as Batman in her Bat-Jammies at the opening of "Arkham ASS-YLUM!"
Xena Zeit-Geist as Batman in her Bat-Jammies at the opening of “Arkham ASS-YLUM!”

It would be neglectful on the part of a writer of Music, Geek Culture, and Tourism to visit New Orleans without checking into the nightlife.  This evening was the world premiere of Xena Zeit-Geist‘s “Arkham ASS-SYLUM!” a DC Comics Universe based nerdlesque (nerdy burlesque) show at The Shadowbox Theater.

The premise of the show was that:

“There’s been a security breech at Arkham Asylum, and a strange gas is causing Gotham’s favorite super villains to take off their clothes! The Riddler is determined to solve the mystery, but can he do it before the world’s greatest detective? Join Poison Ivy, Catwoman, Joker, The Mad Hatter, Scarecrow, Dr. Strange, Harley Quinn, Two-Face, Penguin, Riddler, Batman, and Robin for a titillating evening of crime-fighting and tassel-twirling!” (From the Arkham “ASS-SYLUM!” Facebook page.)

The Riddler narrating the opening of Xena Zeit-Geist's "Arkham ASS-YLUM!"
The Riddler narrating the opening of Xena Zeit-Geist’s “Arkham ASS-YLUM!”

Ms. Zeit-Geist’s Arkham features the Riddler as the Narrator of the show as well as a member of the cast.  He goes through the Asylum questioning the inmates (most have females cast as the characters, oddly enough!) about their potential involvement in the release of the mysterious gas.  The questioning usually comes after they have already been impacted by the gas and he, himself, is slowly succombing to its pull as the show goes on.

"The Cell Block Tango" satire in Xena Zeit-Geist's "Arkham ASS-YLUM!"
“The Cell Block Tango” satire in Xena Zeit-Geist’s “Arkham ASS-YLUM!”

The opening act of the show is a satirical rendition of  “The Cell Block Tango” from the play/movie Chicago with DC Villains recounting their encounters with the Batman in song then all in chorus singing, “He had it coming…”

There is a brief intermission where a few members of the cast come in and offer low priced refreshments and raffle tickets to win a dance from the cast at the end of the show (sadly, this writer’s tickets were not winners!)

A budding romance in Xena Zeit-Geist's "Arkham ASS-YLUM!"
A budding romance in Xena Zeit-Geist’s “Arkham ASS-YLUM!”

In the second half there is a tale of love between the prison psychiatrist, Dr. Harleen Quinzel and The Joker.  In the seduction of the Dr., Ms. Zeit-Geist useds the song, “When You’re Evil” by Aurelio Voltaire, aka Voltaire.  When informed that his song was used for the seduction scene, Voltaire responded, “I’m honored she used my song!”  Voltaire will be appearing at the Midwest Media Expo in Detroit and then the Steampunk Empire Symposium in Cincinnati the same weekend when this writer will be sitting down with him for an interview.  For more information on his performance schedule, check out Voltaire’s Facebook Event Calendar.  The Transformation Scene where Dr. Quinzel becomes Harley Quinn is to the music of Ed Cobb‘s “Tainted Love.”

For the Geek in the Big Easy looking for some nerdity, Xena Zeit-Geist’s “Arkham ASS-YLUM” is a delightfully dorky, comic creation from commencement to curtain call.  At only $10 per ticket it is five stars of geeky fun!

Show dates and times: Friday March 14, Saturday March 15, Friday March 21, and Saturday March 22 at 11:00 p.m.  and it may be extended for another week so check their Facebook page if you can’t make it during these dates!  Doors open at 10:30p.m.

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