Mardi Gras in New Orleans: Givin’ the Gris Gris Strut a lil respect cuz it’s good mojo

Most folks who know anything about Mardi Gras know about the major parade krewes like Rex, Orpheus, Endymion, and Zulu.  Not as well known are the many marching groups that give flesh to the backbones that the parade krewes provide.  One such group is the Gris Gris Strut who performed in Le Krewe D’Etat’s Frid-D’Tat the 13th parade on Friday, February the 13th.

Gris Gris has its roots in Voodoo magic and was used for good and bad luck charms.  In New Orleans, it might come in the form of a little bit of burlap with red beans, rice, and old Mardi Gras beads.

The Gris Gris Strut makes magic of their own,  Led by Cherie Pitre, the lovely lady dancers perform forward-motion choreography.

The dancers are followed by their brassy band members playing with plenty of sax but no violins.  Some say New Orleans is full of sax and violins which is why they’ve always got a party going on.

The drummers follow behind to keep the beat while Courtney Moles heads up their flag corps waving their banners at the tail end of the group.

This group of professional musicians, dancers, flag corps, and their additional entourage are dedicated to their art and you will find them performing in major parades, second lines, and other community events come rain or shine and give back to their community through mentoring young, aspiring musicians and dancers.

So check out their website and give them some love on their Facebook page as well as a respectful shout out as they march by cuz it’s good mojo!

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