Mobile Mardi Gras Barricade Bungle

The Holi Color Fest India float

Last night, February 24, 2019, while shooting pics of the lovely ladies on the Holi Color Fest India float there was a screeching, grinding noise to my left.

The float as it approached the corner

I was shooting close to the corner where the floats turn as I wanted to get a shot or two of folks with their hands in the air as the float went by. The floats generally give these corners a wide berth but as I turned to look I saw the barricade coming at me. Self preservation kicked in and I ran and then continued on to the front of the truck towing it. I held up my hand to stop him then told him he was caught on the barricade.

Emergency personnel working to remove the barricade caught on the float

In short order the emergency personnel had the barricade removed and back in place. The Emergency Medical Personnel were quick to the site. Fortunately the only injury was a bruise on one woman’s leg.

There was some minor damage to the right, rear end of the float

The parade continued on with no further incidents. According to some of the parade personnel, there are some new drivers this year and inexperience was the likely cause of the mishap.

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