A Beautiful Lady and a Beautiful Parade

Police Motorcycle at the Krewe of Druids Parade
Police Motorcycle

Over the years I have had the pleasure of meeting many beautiful women and, in truth, women in general, are beautiful.  But there are a few that when God was pouring in the beauty, he left the tap open.  I have met a few of these women that every time I see them, they take my breath away and my knees go weak.  My memory fades when we are apart, perhaps to alleviate the pain in no longer seeing them or simply because my mind cannot believe I actually bore witness to such beauty in their absence and I am again surprised by their beauty when I see it once more.

The name of one such beauty is Nola, aka New Orleans, Louisiana.  A true southern beauty stretched out and sunning herself along the banks of the Mississippi.  Tonight I had the privilege and pleasure to reacquaint myself with this beautiful lady as I came to watch and document the Krewe of Ancient Druids Parade.  The Krewe of Ancient Druids keep their information about their floats, their theme, their leaders, and such to themselves.  I had the opportunity to interview one of their members while waiting for the parade.  When I asked her about the parade to come, here is what she had to say, “I can’t tell you anything.”  I asked if she could tell me anything after the parade.  She said, “No.”  She did say that if I paid attention I might be able to figure out the theme.  Oh well, I will let them have their “Druid Games” with me and just let you know about the parade.

The Arch Druid waves to the crowd.
The Arch Druid

I watched the parade from the street outside the old City Hall which is a beautiful building and great for a background.  The parade started, as New Orleans parades do, with the cable company driving through and inspecting the lines to ensure the safety of all present and those to come.  Before the parade there was also an entourage of police motorcycles and, of course, street vendors.  At Mardi Gras parades they keep a ladder at hand in front of the viewing stand so that when the “King” of the parade stops there, a glass of champagne can be spirited up for them to share a toast with the mayor.

The Druids in their masks and colored robes threw bead necklaces, imitation flowers, rubber balls, dubloons with “Druid Games 2011” embossed on them, as well as many other throws.  About halfway through the parade I caught a bead necklace (ok I got hit by but it was hanging on me so that counts doesn’t it?) and realized that I was “Naked” as I hadn’t had any beads on.  So I put on the necklace and by the end of the parade I had a handful around my neck.

A Beautiful Rider at the 2011 Krewe of Druids Parade
A Beautiful Rider
Krewe de Feu
Krewe de Feu

There were also a few sets of horsemen, marching bands, bands that were riding, and, my favorite of the parade, the folks with the flames the Krewe De Feu.

For more photos of the Druids Parade you can check out my photo albums on www.artydawgz.com/gallery and I will also be posting some videos later after I process them.

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