Mardi Gras, kissing in the French Quarter, and Ronnie Dunn

Kelly and Brandon exchanging kisses during the 2013 Endymion Parade
Kelly and Brandon exchanging kisses during the 2013 Endymion Parade

Last year at about this time Kelly Clarkson was riding a float with her then boyfriend Brandon Blackstock (now husband) and they traded a kiss or two along the way.  A few months back, shortly after her wedding, she came out with a new Christmas album and, as a National Music Examiner, it seemed appropriate to do a review.  Commenting on the delightful duet with Ronnie Dunn led to one of those, “Oh my gosh!” moments.  Finding that Ronnie Dunn has retweeted the link to your article and then followed you definitely qualifies as one of those moment.

Now, while waiting for photos from tonight’s parades to download, it pops up that Ronnie Dunn has a new music video, “Peace, Love, and Country Music.”  This brought to mind his video from a few months back, “Kiss you there.”  At the 1 minute and thirty seconds mark it has video of a Mardi Gras float rolling down Canal in New Orleans.  For one with an idle and tired mind, just waiting for photos to download, it seemed appropriate to rewatch the video again and to try to figure out if the videographer was, indeed, in the French Quarter when they shot the footage.  Depending on the side of the street the video was shot on, it could have been shot into the French Quarter from the opposite side of the street, outside the quarter or it may have been shot from within the quarter looking out.

The conclusion after watching it a few times?    1) A new data card reader may be in order as the images are still downloading after 3 ham and cheese sandwiches, repeatedly watching the video, and writing this article. 2) The photos may need to wait until after Mardi Gras to be processed as the first Mardi Gras Day parade rolls in 6 hours in Uptown New Orleans.  3) It doesn’t matter – it is a great song, so check it out as well as some fun Mardi Gras photos from New Orleans and Mobile, Alabama (Mobile is the mother of Mardi Gras in the Americas!)

To Ronnie Dunn and to you dear reader, laissez les bon temps rouler!  Happy Mardi Gras!

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