Join The Parade card game

The Join The Parade card game was created by writer/photographer John N. Collins on Mardi Gras day 2015.  After taking photos at the Zulu and Rex parades in New Orleans he caught the Mardi Gras afternoon parade in Biloxi, MS.  Before returning to New Orleans he stopped at a gas station in Ocean Springs.

The cashier saw his Mardi Gras press pass and said, “I missed all the Mardi Gras parades!”  Telling her he would be right back, he ran to his car and filled his pockets with Mardi Gras goodies.

Using Mardi Gras photos he had taken of floats he made a parade for her on the counter.  He slid a photo of a float along the counter with one hand while the other reached in and grabbed beads, a Zulu coconut, and other throws for her.

While driving back to New Orleans he was thinking about how fun it had been and that it would be a fun game.  So he formed the basic rules on his way back to New Orleans.  Later he ran it past his friend, game designer Ian Price, and got advice and encouragement from him.

He was very fortunate to find the top notch artist, Marc Thibodeau, who did the wonderful artwork that graces the cards.

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