Join The Parade game

Join The Parade is a fun parade building card game with beautiful artwork that appeals to children from 3 to 93

Line up your tractors and floats, add riders and marchers, then roll your parade.

For more fun, play for points. Have an umbrella and spare tire on hand in case of flats and rain delays

How To Play:

Each player is dealt 5 cards. The first player draws a card then places a tractor, float, marcher, or rider in front of them and ends their turn. The first player to complete their parade (at least one Tractor, Float, Marcher, and Rider) shouts “Happy Mardi Gras!” and wins the game.

Advanced rules

Add the black bordered cards. Rain Delays make you lose your turn unless you have an umbrella. Flat Tires remove a Tractor or Float unless you have a Spare Tire. The first person to complete their parade and shout, “Happy Mardi Gras!” scores 5 points and then points are tallied. High score wins or go another round and play multiple rounds for accumulated points.

A great souvenir and a fun game!

The Join The Parade game is available at Mardi Gras supply stores from Pensacola to Galveston and Amazon as well!